The “Sound ball cricket tournament for the visually handicapped”  was a great success and amazing to watch the boys with an extra sense of hearing, being able to find the ball which had noisy beads in it, to bowl they rolled the ball along the ground to the stumps at the other end , the stumps were loaded with ball bearing so was easy to hear when bowled “out” The teams were so enthusiastic, as Sri Lankan cricket is a religion here, when one team won their round some members took their tops off and ran around like crazy soccer players it was very funny. Very different to local Aussie cricket, l was on the drinks station.. so fruit juice & water all round, not a green can of VB in sight would put the Beechworth CC to shame (note to brother) It was 110dg in the shade and l was under a tin roof.. but enough about the weather the seasons are now on the turn and today its raining and cold (30dg) so after 10 months of sweltering heat and only 9 days before my return the weather is bearable!!! 

My Colombo 3 days were breathtaking, Hiranthi insisted l stay with them (12)  who had travelled to SL for a family reunion, stayed at a Villa/Mansion where Prince Charles is staying for next month’s CHOGM meeting. I was ashamed and embarrassed of my rat eaten backpack, the Loius Vuitton l left home would have been more appropriate. Headed home on the train with an extra large heavy bag full of goodies from Australia for the kids…thanks to Rikki & Ghyl Sweeney, when l got to school they greeted me in the usual fashion after days off, jumping, hugging and grabbing at me knowing what was about to unfold.. love it every time feel like Santa and Easter bunny and they don’t have either here so its awesome they get so spoilt !!!!

Today is Poya full moon holiday and am supposed to be packing but can’t get motivated so have been on the computer all day job searching so good diversion, this time next week l will be in a panic.. am so excited,  l’m getting impatient and want to be home now !!!