Well it happened again a weekend of no power & water but this time l coped much better than last month, remembering my favourite saying “If you can’t fix the problem.. accept it and move on”  Last time l was a mental wreck for 3 days, so another lesson learnt in SL. The only problem being there was a YMCA Youth leadership workshop scheduled which l was helping organize, the heat was intense, hitting 40 dg & in the tin roofed hall and no power for fans we moved outside under shady trees for awhile. The fridges were off so cold water was not an option but we kept the warm fluids available. The kids coped Ok but at times found it hard to concentrate. At the end of the second day after handing in their evaluation sheet not one complained about the heat, which was a sign they are used to such happenings, that would have been at the top of my list. A busy few weeks before l leave, a special “SL Island” Cricket weekend in town which the school are helping organize so all hands on deck, The heat will be unbearable but will have to “suck it up”. A friend of Rikki Sweeney’s is arriving in Colombo next week with 12 other family members from Aust to visit her Sri Lankan relatives she has a parcel of goodies for the kids so l HAVE to meet with her they are staying in a luxury Villa complex so l planned to stay at my regular Colombo hostel for the night but Hiranthi insisted l stay with them, l tried to argue but gave in when l saw the amazing pool on the website. There are 2 public holidays next week one is a Hindu festival & a Poya full moon day.

We had a new boy start school yesterday, he wet his pants 5 times & soiled once and he had no nappies so the day was spent cleaning rooms & changing him.  When l asked why he had no nappies was told his parents couldn’t afford them so another item added to my Colombo shopping list thanks to money left over from donations for the Yoga machine.