I arrived at school today to a scene of tears & inconsolable sobbing, one of the students Father died after being bitten by a snake. She is a gorgeous girl who l have become really attached to, l describe most kids as my favorite but she is and is in a little group of kids l have taken under my wing for 30 mins every morning. When l first arrived the children who couldn’t walk were left unattended, caged in a concrete room while the rest went outside for the morning ritual of prayer & exercise. I started using the only wheelchair to transport the 6 kids, some are able to walk with help & support then transfer them to a chair for the prayers, then when exercises start bring them back inside and using my special bag of tricks they throw balls, use play doh and other toys & have fun until the other kids return when I would have to madly collect all the equipment before a total war broke out with the other 40 kids wanting some of the action. Sometimes there is a bit of fake sickness or injury from the able-bodied kids wanting to join in the fun. The girl whos father died is paralyzed down one side she gets so much enjoyment out of throwing and catching with one hand & massive limp but she has so much guts & determination nothing gets in her way & she is always smiling and to see her today so upset was heartbreaking, then to make it worse she had a huge seizure not long after she stopped crying & banged her head on a table and had a big lump on her forehead but l don’t understand the 1st Aide potion that is used for everything… a bottle of cologne it is agony on an open wound, as l found out the other day when l got a small cut and the magic potion was forced on me (it is also rubbed into temples for headache relief). So after a staff member rubbed it on her head very roughly l insisted she stop, l put her on a yoga mat and sat with her for a while, knowing how sleepy & confused you feel after a seizure.