I have postponed writing a blog entry, waiting until l had recovered from the traumatic events of last weekend, which started on Friday 13th. I experienced 3 days without water & electricity and seemed to be the only person in Vavuniya concerned about the situation, after pleading with someone for information as to when these vital facilities would resume.. was informed it was in “Gods” hands, well l thought l had a better theory and the lazy Electrical workman l caught snoozing in their work van at the end of the street soon woke in fright when l banged on the window and screamed like a mad woman asking when the power would return,unfortunately they couldn’t understand a word l said but at least they woke, l reached boiling point (literally when the temp in my room hit 40 deg with no fan)  so booked in to a local cheap hotel with A/C, TV and swimming pool, unfortunately l was unable to swim – after a conversation with a local the week before who asked what l missed most on hot days l told him a pool & he informed me the only one in town was the said Hotel l was staying at but the pool was not clean he had seen local rats swimming in it.. the thought of rats with goggles doing the backstroke using their tail as a propeller freaked me out so l lay on the bed with A/C cranked full speed watching ridiculous movies for 2 days. l thought l would return home refreshed & relaxed with all facilities resumed… not to be, power was finally resumed Sunday night at 7.30pm. After having the week to contemplate the “nightmare” it really wasn’t life threatening, my new saying is “First world problem” which it was, compared with the more important issues in the country.  l am trying to sort, throw & give away all the extra possessions l have accumulated since l arrived, only allowed 30kgs so don’t want a repeat of my departure from Tullamarine & no Kate on hand to turf stuff out at the checkin counter so am happy to leave all my “material” stuff for people who really need it !!!