Even though at times l have felt isolated and homesick l am leaving with a heavy heart, the people of Sri Lanka, especially the children have taught me more about life and tragedy than l had ever imagined was possible it is difficult to put into words exactly the journey l have been on, my life will never be the same again and  am so grateful that l have been given the opportunity to experience the true meaning and importance of family, culture & life. Material things in life are at the bottom of the “wish list” in a country  which has experienced a civil war, tsunami and general poverty. I will miss the children more than l can bear to think about and to have shared a special bond with these kids who have experienced more in their short life than we as adults could ever imagine is life changing, every child has a story and for some the tragedy is mind-blowing. In all the heartache and sadness l have witnessed and  life stories told l am amazed at the happiness & love the children display. Not a day goes by that l’m not swamped by love, hugs, handshakes & friendship, sometimes when l arrive in the morning l can’t get out of the auto because l’m swamped by kids (mostly when they see me with bags of goodies donated from fantastic friends in Australia)  they have a great skill of appreciating & protecting every gift and even a pencil brings huge excitement, l don’t care  they have been spoilt, the joy on their face tells a million stories. I have 5 weeks to enjoy my time with the kids & will cherish every minute