This is my first post for a month and have lots to report but will keep it short !!! Grace arrived and we travelled Sri Lanka extensively, we stayed at an Elephant park & could see them bathing in the river outside our window. Attended a special “Esala Perahera” festival in Kandy… more elephants, beautifully decorated in bright lights it was night time so the colors were fantastic, dancers, fire throwing men we had great seats but the parade went for 3 hours and there’s only so many elephants and dancers & after the first 20 elephants & dancers we called it a night early. The next leg of the trip were a few beach locations which were beautiful & relaxing, did a dolphin watching boat trip & l’m not the best seawoman and panic set in when l couldn’t see any land, it stared to get rough & the waves were crashing inside the boat the further we sailed and the theme song from Gilligans Island kept running thru my head. Luckily the other 2 people on the boat were German and couldn’t understand my swearing, we managed to see heaps of dolphins.. they were amazing, jumping up in the air doing somersaults so it was all worth it ..even if l thought we were going to die.. Grace wasn’t impressed when l started to give her important details.. like were my will is kept & location of the good jewelry l left behind. When we got close to shore the captain told us to grip the boat tightly as when we hit the sand the boat the lands with a bang, l screamed so loud as it was like the Titanic coming to a halt, my legs were like jelly when l stepped out of the boat l face planted into the water and sand, l haven’t heard a Sri Lankan swear but the lovely boat man yelled “shit” and jumped out to save me. The next part of the journey was the trip back to Vavuniya, Grace hadn’t experienced public bus travel like this so it was very funny (not)when we got covered in dust as the back door didn’t close & we were opposite it so orange dust from the roadworks was in every orifice, then it was so crowded she got a baby plonked on her lap for the remainder of the journey. When we arrived in my “hut” she went to the toilet and screamed as she saw a spider, had to quickly point if a spider scared her she was in for a rude shock, luckily while she was in the toilet l had time to sweep up the poo droppings of either rat, gecho, mouse,snake or baby squirrel.. who knows but after being locked up for 3 weeks it could be anything. The next adventure was the big traditional Sri Lankan wedding (l need to stop using the word “amazing”) but it was !! We were dressed to impress looking like everyone else (except for the skin color). We had a beautiful but exhausting day.. and it doesn’t end there l have part 2 to attend this Sat “home coming” so another 6 hr trip to Colombo. The Sri Lankan culture & tradition is AMAZING and words can’t describe it !!!! Grace is home now & we both had a ball… with no cross words, except Grace’s temper at the Immigration office, but that’s a story for another day !!!!