Had a fantastic quick trip to Singapore & returned with no problems at immigration, except they didn”t even look at my visa entry certificate, my heart was thumping & l was so stressed thinking l would be turfed out of the country again… oh well l was hoping Pam & Kevin would accept me back into Singapore.
They stamped my passport with a 30 day stay so have to trek back to Colombo in a month to see if l can get another 3 months.. If not will be back home sooner than l thought so if anyone out there has a bed for me l accept the offer, as l arrive home to: no money,no car, no house, no job but a Container full of furniture in Beechworth which l may live in, but best of all a cleansed heart/mind & soul and a new appreciation of life !!!! As l write this the count down until Grace’s arrival has come down to hours, l leave Vavuniya in the morning on the 5.45am train to collect her from the airport and we will travel for 4 weeks as school here closes for the exact time Grace is here, we had looked at staying in cheap hostels etc. but she got a big Tax return she wasn’t expecting.. so guess what in true princess style she’s now looking at 5 star resort style accomodation (wonder who she takes after ?)
Once again when l returned from Singapore and arrived at school l was swamped by a sea of kids.. could hardly disembark from the Tuk-Tuk, even though these kids are mentally retarded (not my words SL’s description) they have come to realize that when l am absent for a length of time l come back laden with goodies (this time Thanks to Pam & Kevin Talbot). If that’s what puts a smile on thier face & makes them sooo excited l don’t care that they are becoming a little spoilt.