I can’t believe the things that keep me going, this morning when l woke l contemplated my day and being a Saturday was excited by the fact l could have a later shower & it would be warm what a great day !!! If l was home in Melbourne l would wake on a Sat morning and contemplate my options maybe a girlies lunch, races or a trip to the city the list goes on.. but for now a warm shower is what excites me (gotta get a life) I do tell a lie, l was invited to a YMCA staff members 32nd birthday celebration party here in the compound which would have been a hoot.. a hit of volleyball, cricket but no alcohol so suddenly my warm shower wasnt the most exciting event of the day. Luckily l had one last “Aussie” T shirt leftover from my cheap souvenir collection.. so gift taken care of and off to the shops to buy some party food to contribute. When l returned was told the party had been cancelled because the birthday boy had no money, even though he made me put the date on my calendar last month, oh well that’s the Sri Lankan laid back approach so now lunch and dinner will be chocolate eclair lollies & pringles (imported & v expensive) so life’s not all bad. The photo of the 2 boys in the wheelchair was taken just before an “incident” the older one gave another student a serious chinese burn and was belted for it with a stick… the punishment did not fit the crime and l’m not being biased because he’s one of my favorites, he is a beautiful boy and the kids tease him until he retalliates which is hard because he can’t run after them so just hits out whenever he gets the chance, another case of something l can’t change so move on !!!