Just returned from a fantastic 6 days with Bern & Gab, they were here for a flying visit so not possible to come up to Vavuniya and waste 2 days travelling.. ho hum had to have time off to meet them in Colombo then travel to the beautiful Kandy, although the weather has changed seasons so was colder & rained on & off but had a great time anyway except for me getting sick & spending a whole day in bed.. Rotti Botti had finally hit me don’t know whether it was a dodgy Chicken curry but was scared to go too far from the bathroom so the girls headed off on a tour of the Tea plantations, which l had already done with the sistas so wasn’t a drama. Bern was a trooper, she had already been to Taiwan where they did all the tourist stuff from dawn till dusk so we took it slowly and relaxed. We even stayed in an upmarket backpackers in Colombo and she fitted in fine talking to all the young travellers and giving them left over food like a real Nanna.. we did book the extra bed in the 4 room dorm so we didn’t encounter a dirty boy backpacker in the middle of the night. After they left l went to the Immigration office to renew my Visa and was told l had to leave by 26th July as my Visa would expire so panic set in as l tried to explain my daughter was coming over next month could l get a 1 or 2 month extension, the answer was a firm “NO” felt like an episode of Border Control, l have to leave the country then return. l am flying to Singapore on 25th July for 5 days got a cheap flight, India was another option but staying in a clean modern country is more appealing so all turned out ok except for eating into my budget.
When l returned to school the kids greeted me with great enthusiasm which made me feel very special..could have been the fact l was loaded with a big bag of goodies from Bern & Gab.