Well l had no sooner arrived at school when l was whisked into the Principal’s office and given the once over by the fashion cops !!! I don’t think my skirt was see thru and l had a long Tshirt covering any visible underwear bit l don’t think it helped my cause when the morning sun was shining thru the open door, within 5 mins one of the staff had whipped up a pair of “undershorts” which they all wear even if clothing is not see thru, at first l refused as l couldn’t see anything wrong with my outfit, but surrounded by 6 woman all pulling at me laughing & joking l felt intimidated also not wanting to be disrespectful of their culture l popped them under my (not see thru) skirt and everyone was happy. l have said it before but just wish l could invite them to the Races in Melbourne to show what real S&*#s look like !!! Once again after a negative experience (it wasn’t that bad but funny) it was followed by a feel good story. A boy arrived at school this morning who has severe Autism, he was clearly “off tap” acting very strangely running around in circles crying and generally upset. The school was in chaos as the other school bus had been involved in an accident on the way to school so the normal routine had completely changed it was obvious his behaviour was going to be ignored so l put on my bossy boots and asked one of the teachers to take him to a quiet room to try and calm him down. She came back with him an hour later and was so proud she got him to rip paper & they made lotus flowers, he was a different boy !!! I know l can’t change the world but at least small baby steps will hopefully make a difference.