Think some of the girls at school have shared their “freinds” around, when l have tried to ask the teachers about head lice or nits l get a blank look of not understanding, don’t know what the technical Tamil word is but it’s not in my translation book. The girls all have long black hair and it’s mandatory they wear it in tight plaits and it’s easy to see all the white eggs & witness the constant scratching. Oh well another case of lost in translation !!! will just adopt the SL way of denial & scratching. The problem is the kids love sitting REALLY close to you so it’s hard to avoid head contact, maybe l should sit on a chair & not on the ground with the kids. Considering how vigilant the teachers are with weekly teeth & nail checks can’t see why they can’t incorporate a nit check. The reason it’s so important to keep nails clean & short is because everyone eats with thier left hand and the staff lead by example & teach very good personal hygiene habits. My nails have even had the odd inspection, but l maintain l use a fork to eat !! Can’t help comparing the work culture in Australia to SL, one of the teachers is leaving school on Weds after 4 years to look after her sick Mother & when l asked what they do for a send off or gift the answer was nothing. It shows how strong the dedication to their culture & family life is, this girl is only 24 & giving up a teaching career to care for her mother and willingly accepts the circumstances. I thought of taking a packet of biscuits to our English class at the end of the day & maybe suggest everyone brings a little something to share, but am l pushing our beliefs where it’s not wanted or needed?