Had the most relaxing day today, one of the teachers conducted a session of resting, a couple of the kids were even snoring. I was joined midway through by the young girl I have described before as the “Spitter” l was apprehensive at first, but on checking my pockets found a bundle of tissues so wasn’t too concerned when she wrapped her legs around me & fell asleep too, don’t know if there is a name for her condition but she is a strange little one she can spit nearly a cup full (almost) of saliva at a long distance, the only thing that calms her down is pushing a wheelchair around in circles she doesn’t mind if its empty or has a child in it. There are a few Srilankanisms l want to share as there are moments when l think l should mention something funny but has no relevance to what l am writing. Recycling is very inventive (except household plastic & rubbish which is burnt letting off toxic fumes) Last month l threw out a pair of rubber thongs which snapped into my outside bin… that night when l returned home there was Sugeet watering the garden with my old discarded thongs, he had repaired them with a needle & cotton and they are still going strong, if l had been smarter l could have saved a replacement cost of $4.24. I have just completed my weekly scrubbing of feet & thongs, l purchased a new scrubbing brush as l was using a toothbrush but it just wasn’t doing the job. Everything gets dusty, sweaty & grimy and l struggle walking around all day at school in bare feet l’m a bit of a princess with my feet, hobbling around on the stones & rocks. Another recycling idea is using empty powdered milk boxes – which is the main source of milk , so lots of placemats made out of “Analon Milk Power” also school books are covered in the wrappers from photocopy paper “A Double A”. I saw a sign on a building “Seed School” and we thought Paper school was boring in the 80’s and took every opportunity to wag, imagine learning about how seeds grow ?