This is my first full week at school for 3 weeks, but have got the next arrival of visitors landing on the 6th of July Aunty Bern & Gab are coming for a quick 5 day trip on their way home, not really on the way home but too close from their Taiwan holiday not to fly on over, looking forward to seeing them only wish Bern could pop some Jelly cakes on ice for me. Grace arrives on August 5th but it’s school holidays so don’t have to be absent for that one and we are both counting down the days (50 after tonight’s sleep)
A new child has started at school, he’s the cutest little thing his ears are nearly bigger than his head he is 5 but looks & cries like a little baby the older kids love him and nurse him all day, not sure yet what medical condition he has as those details are usually a bit sketchy as the medical process in Sri Lanka is vastly different. There is a family with 4 boys who all have Cerebral Palsy & one who died at birth. We are so fortunate in Australia to have such a fantastic Health & Medical system with access to Gentetic testings, even though we complain about the it we are worlds apart from many other countries.
I have started a new project, teaching blind adolescents to speak & communicate in English. Orhan runs a life skills program and the students are on an 8 week program they learn a range of skills, cooking, computer etc. I was very nervous the first week as l had no idea what to expect and needed a translator in the room as they can’t understand English & my Tamil is appalling, the girls were very serious but the boys were really cheeky, my favorite Tamil word is “kooroombu” which means naughty & l used it quite often and when one boy said my name “Miss Chris” he repeated it backwards “Chris Miss” he started laughing hysterically and wanted me to sing Australian Christmas carols. They are an interesting but challenging group… will keep you updated on thier progress.