Well after a few more grey hairs, a corrupted computer and 50 bucks poorer !!! l can now post photos. At least l saved money tonight, my 2 egg hoppers cost 70 rp which is equivalant to 58 cents and can be served in 2 ways: wrapped in newspaper like the old fish & chips as our Friday night treat, or pages from some local kids old homework exercise book so reading whilst eating is fun if you could understand it !!! l was so popular last week was invited to 2 parties, one a boy from next door who was turning 6 he calls me “White Aunty” should l not be offended by that racist description ? but l am what l am, white but not his true aunty which is a term used by children as respect for older woman. The other was my 2nd favorite boy at school Thenesh, pronounced Dennis who turned 20. There is a Sri Lankan tradition – when the cake has been cut people come up & hand feed the party boy a piece, l couldn’t help but think how funny it would be when it was my turn to “smash” it in his face.. that would be hilarious in Australia but don’t think Sri Lankans share our sick sense of humour as l have found out a few times, it was a deadly serious event and is a wonder the poor kids don’t vomit as by the time the cake eating tradition is over the kid had no room for curry & rice.