Been a huge delay in story telling as I’ve been too busy having a fantastic time with Kate & Jan. We visited the amazing Tea trails in Hatton in the high country so a little relief from the heat. When K&J told me we were staying in a “bungalow” l had thoughts of 71 Curtin Cres. Dandenong but how wrong was l, as if they would stay in a housing commission bungalow whilst on holidays in Sri Lanka. The accommodation was nothing like anything l have seen before ours was called Norwood which was first built in 1890 & was the original residence of the Colonial tea planters it had been refurbished to perfection l felt like we were in a time warp we had our own personal chef & butler who attended to our every need, fully cooked breakfast, 3 course lunch & dinner Devonshire tea, G&T on the balcony overlooking the beautiful lush green mountains dotted with colourful tea pickers. We did a tour of the Tea factory covering the process from start to finish, the tour guide was very dedicated to his job & we got the giggles a few times especially when he sniffed & swilled a cup of the end result as if it was a wine tasting experience and we had to sniff the aroma and to identify the type of tea. After Hatton l came back to school for a few days J&K toured further with their driver & van then collected me in Vavuniya from school and met the children and staff, they were bombarded with the kids wanting to shake hands & say hello.

Next stop was Trincomalee it has a beautiful beach area which is not as overcrowded with tourists as the beaches down south. We stayed in a beautiful resort our room was overlooking the beach so rest, relaxation & reading were on the agenda before the girls returned home to Australia (sob sob) It was just what l needed, have recharged my batteries & family time so am prepared for the second half of my adventure. Can’t thank K&J enough for making my time with them so special.