Very exciting times in Vavuniya… only taken 4 months but finally had my first local social outing on Saturday night with 2 English girls who both work for different UK Aide Agencies. Their stories were very interesting, one of the girls has just returned from Kosovo on a rescue mission, resettling & rebuilding houses for war affected victims, and is now stationed in
Vavuniya and further up “North” where the most damage occurred during the war. One of the biggest problems is getting the community back into the workforce to earn money, most of the local farmers not only lost their homes but farms as well, so it is a huge project. We went to a Hotel (not like an Aussie pub) it was an accommodation Hotel and l felt like a criminal teenager drinking behind my parents back.. we were ushered into a back room off the restaurant which was surrounded in dark curtains, we were the only females as the local girls aren’t allowed out at night & certainly not somewhere which serves alcohol and men, the other English girl goes there quite often so she knew the rules. My mission when l return to Melbourne is to learn to drink beer so l may need help from Mountain Goat to produce one that tastes like lemonade, dont like the yeast taste. The only alcohol other than beer was a local spirit called Arrack but l had to buy a whole bottle and the waiter bought me soda & limes and l poured my own drinks, only had 3 and woke up with a massive headache.. l was able to take the bottle home hidden in my bag so will give it away. Anyway had a great night and the other 2 are in the same position as me so we will do it again & l will drink gingerbeer. I am very excited only 3 sleeps till the sistas arrive, have sent a huge wish list so can’t wait for their arrival. We are staying in beautiful accommodation along the way and l am just tagging along for the ride as living off volunteer wages (nuthin) doesn’t afford me to stay in such expensive luxury and have made it clear l am stealing all the hotel condiments except the shoeshine kit as l haven’t worn shoes since l’ve been here… rubber thongs only, l have 3 pairs of varying styles from everyday school ones, walking, a stepping out pair which l proudly wore for the first time on sat night.