Had a very interesting conversation today with the teachers, when the children have gone home l teach them English and for the last 20 mins we speak in English only.. no Tamil or Singalese. It is difficult for some but we persevere, it gives me a great insight into their sheltered life, when l speak about the education level being 30 years behind the difference between men & woman is unbelievable. At times it’s hilarious & they are shocked at some of the stories and look at me in disbelief, always asking questions about life in Australia. Today we were talking about their cultural celebrations and l tried to explain our Xmas & New year celebrations.. eating & drinking for a month when they asked if l drank alcohol, l cannot explain the look of horror on their faces as if l was a dirty white female, told me only males were allowed to drink which explains why l have never seen a female in the long line at the local “Wine” shops, no pubs & the men buy spirits then hide it in their pockets and drink at home, it is the strangest concept l can’t explain it fully but the difference between the 2 sexes is worlds apart girls are not permitted to walk alone but males hang around the streets in groups everywhere. The girls just accept it, but as l’ve said before with the kids theyve never known any difference & just accept it. When l tried to explain equality & equal rights in Australia l might as well have been speaking in Japanese as they had no concept at all. l could go on about it forever and bore you with more examples but hope you get the story. My little wheelchair spitting obsessed friend was not at school today probably too traumatized.. also when l mentioned in yesterdays blog that l wanted to smash her in the face l was talking about the teacher not the child.. when l reread it it looked a bit strange.  Hoping to get some photos up soon. Only 7 sleeps till the Sistas arrive, can’t wait