It’s been 2 weeks since my last entry, feels like confession at primary school:  Bless me father for l have sinned it has been 2 weeks since my last confession and these are my sins- stole money from my Mums purse, was mean to my brother, we used to make up easy sins so we would only get 2 Hail Marys instead of 10 for serious sins. WordPress has been playing up when l post photos so will try without them.  I put a story together last night about a new student, l am guessing she has Autism but as usual her diagnosis is  “MR”= Mental Retardation, which is the case with most children as there is very little chance of formal testing. She has a strange habit of spitting and did it most of the day, in a child’s eye & teachers ear, if we were lucky it landed on the ground which was much easier to clean, I never knew the human body could produce so much saliva (sorry Anne if you are reading this) and I spent most of the day cleaning & disinfecting. I was so pleased with myself as l thought l had conquered the problem when she showed interest in an old wheelchair and she became focused and obsessed with it so l took her outside & she pushed it around for an hour with not one spit, when it was time to board the bus home she left happily, so l was feeling very satisfied. Then came today,  all went to plan until someone needed the wheelchair & it was taken  from her without warning or explanation then  a tantrum began along with the  spitting so l felt  deflated after thinking l had solved another 3rd world problem. A certain teacher thought a slap across the face would fix the issue so the level of screaming was raised by 10 decibels. I had to leave the room as l had taken a special interest in this little girl and thought l was going to cry or smash her in the face. Once again after having a bad experience it’s usually followed by something that restores my faith. l instigated a cricket match in the blistering heat and the kids were so excited with all the girls joining in as well, the boys were priceless they were willing to give up the bat & ball to share the experience with the other sex without any complaining, they were running around copying me using a terrible Aussie accent screaming “SIX” with their fingers pointed to the sky, think they have watched the famous Sri Lankan cricketers they knew all the moves.