What a blockbuster weekend full of sports, dancing & sunburn. It started Friday night with 2 hours sleep, 2 schools from other districts slept the weekend at Orhan & my room was next to the naughty noisy boys who stayed awake mucking around until 2am, then woke at 4am. The sleeping arrangements were primitive to say the least, a big hall with concrete floors with a huge roll of plastic sheet to sleep on and school bag for a pillow, this is normal for the kids & they loved it.  I’m glad l was in a small office next door as l was like a princess and slept on my beach towel  & took my own pillow hidden in my bag, the concrete floor was so hard (der !) it was like “Princess & the pea”  so 2 hrs. sleep was good. I made an excuse about  not being able to sleep Sat night , after all l am only a volunteer and not a paid employee so to put me through another tortures night was never going to happen. It was chaos in the morning getting 200 people washed & fed, the line up to the toilet block (no showers) was huge & stunk !!  so in getting out as quickly as possible l forgot to apply sunscreen & didn’t realize until l got home at 6pm when l looked in the mirror & my face  was as red as a baboons bum.  Sunday,  being the official closing ceremony day we had to wear a traditional Sari. Oh joy we all know how much bad luck I’ve had in the past dealing with all that material especially out in the heat all day as my official job was taking care of & tallying up all the medals & winners certificates. This required me sprinting  to the winners podium with my Sari hoiked up to my knees to take the “goodies”  from the kids when our team won,  after the first collection l was swiftly taken behind the stage for the “Decorum Police” to adjust my costume so l could run more freely without exposing the sexual part of a woman’s body – ankles & hairy legs.  The formalities were very serious even had the passing & lighting of the “Olympic torch” The kids had a great weekend and managed to take out 52 medals.