I don’t know where to start as l have officially had the worst day of my Sri Lankan new life !!!  Today l witnessed something that shocked and upset me so much l was wondering what l was doing here. A boy had a seizure/convulsion right in front of me in an overcrowded room surrounded by kids. As l am writing this l am trying not to overreact as I keep reminding  myself  l am in a third world country. While l tried to clear a space and get all the kids to move away one of the teachers was holding his legs down while he was shaking & convulsing uncontrollably, l yelled for her to let him go. It seemed to go on for at least 4 mins his lips where white and eyes rolling back in his head after it stopped  I got a bamboo mattress for him to lie on as he was barely conscious, they said not to let him sleep as that is what makes him have  “fits” ???  He was so hot & sweaty  & he had a singlet on with a school shirt & vest so l removed some layers  which is when the Principal said to just leave him l ignored her & did it anyway.  As he had wet himself all they were concerned about was changing his pants, so made him stand up and walk/stagger to the change rooms with the bloke employed to take the male students to the bathroom.  Luckily when he returned he was allowed to sleep. After things had settled down l enquired about his medication and they said the Hostel (orphanage) handled all that, so l asked if a letter or report needed to be sent home with him or do we ring his doctor . I just can’t  understand when you have exercise books to record everything from incoming/outgoing faxes to red tick books to record staff  lateness & many other meaningless tasks, why medical needs are given no importance. This is not the first time this has happened he had one last month and the scenario was the same but l forced myself to put it to the back of my mind, but this time it’s impossible. It is obvious whatever medication he is on is not working but if the doctor knows nothing about these seizures how will things change. The sad thing is he doesn’t have any Parents to care for his welfare. I’m sorry to use this blog as a therapy page because maybe this subject is too close to home for me. The President did ask me to let him know if there was anything in the daily running of the school that could be improved, so l think l will speak to him about a “Medical” register. I feel  guilty being  so angry at the staff  because they have neither the knowledge or education to know any different. … but in closing l will say l have never known a seizure to be caused by sleeping .