Preparations are underway for the Sports/Dance weekend,  a  bit like Sri Lanka’s version of “Rock Estedford” but without the “Rod “Laver Arena” venue. The kids have been coming to school in their school holidays to practice. Thursday we went to a local paddock for sports training, the ground was covered in cow dung and the biggest load was at the end of the long jump field in the pit where the kids landed. The other problem was the prickles in the grass they were like blackberry prickles but felt like barbed wire, which l discovered after sitting down OUCH !!  if it hurt my backside so much l could only imagine the pain for the kids running in bare feet. Another venue was found & we relocated. Friday the “dancers” arrived at school for their practice. Midway through dancing the power went off so music & fans were not possible.  Luckily l had my laptop so l downloaded “Ganghman style” on You-Tube, the kids have got so much enthusiasm and danced up a storm,  if you’ve ever seen how hard it is for a child with Cerebal Palsy to walk, then dancing is even more difficult and they do it with so much guts & determination  you can’t help but be inspired, another lump in the throat experience. I was relieved when my battery went flat because dancing in 40 deg heat with no air is not fun.