I decided  today  I need to confess to the Church that l have no intention of joining the “Born again Christian” congregation. This morning the guy who was appointed my translator/mentor was just a bit too bossy,  all l wanted to do was read the bible to find out if a local urban myth is true. There is a mountain called “Adams Peak” and  is advertised in Lonely Planet Guide as a great pilgrimage walk with magnificent views and awesome sunrise, so the idea is to walk the 3-4 hour climb during the night and arrive before sunset. It is claimed it was named “Adams Peak” as it’s the place where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast down from heaven (l think because he disobeyed God & did the business with Eve) So every time l got to any reference to Adam  in the bible my mentor would rip it out of my hand & find the correct page the Pastor was reciting,  don’t know why as l couldn’t understand a word of it anyway. Nowhere in the bible does it state Adam was sent to Sri Lanka, or Ceylon as it was then, so am thinking of suing Lonely  Planet  for defamation and hopefully score a bit of cash out of it.  But if anyone knows of a better explanation let me know!!   Sugeet  invited me again & couldn’t  disappoint him as he just been to Colombo for 2 days  to receive his graduation of acceptance to be able to become a Pastor after he completes 2 years of study so everyone was very excited for him. He doesn’t have a lot of money so l funded his trip to Colombo and  think that contribution to the church will benefit  more than me joining,  how do l tell him the reason I was going was to fill in 2 hours on a Sunday morning but have got an extra week to decide as next weekend is the school Sports/Entertainment on  Sat & Sun.