Looking the part for church - complete with Mantilla !!

Thanks to Johnno l was invited to Gospel church as a thankyou for the gift of a cricket bat !!! There is a kid who works for the YMCA he does all the odd jobs repairs, cleaning, sweeping dirt, he’s always smiling and would be about 20, he coaches the local kids on a Sat morning for cricket. When the box of sporting goodies arrived l showed him and told him to take a cricket bat, he picked up the plastic milo cricket kids bat while eyeing off the expensive “Gray Nicholls” when l told him to take it he was embarressed & refused then eventually after much persuasion he chose a Kookaburra. When he finished his shift he sent one of his workmates to my door to translate a message he said “thankyou from my heart it is very special and would guard it forever it was the first bat he has ever owned, so for a guy of 20 who is passionate about cricket it was pretty special moment & made me a little teary. The service was quite short this time only 2 1/2 hours. Sugeet had a very important role leading the choir, so there he was the boy who fixed my Rat hole, put up mozzie net & unclogged my sink, standing at the alter praising the lord, singing his heart out in true Gospel style with microphone and tamborine banging. After the service he introduced me to his family & half the congregation he was so proud to let everyone know the white woman everyone was staring at was his friend, l did recognize 2 things “Hallejah” & “Praise the lord” and l sang along every time they repeated lifting my arms up to the sky but stopped at shedding tears like some. It still amazes me how serious Sri Lankans take their religion. It was very moving & got a feeling l’m expected every week… will deal with that later.