Made a quick overnight trip to Colombo to extend my Visa which l have to do every 3 months and had a “Border Control” experience at the Visa/Immigration office , after going through the 8 step procedure the 2nd last step is payment and 3 months ago it was 3400 rps but after handing over my money l was told it was 13400 an extra 10000 rp for the Govt. when l questioned this added tax the fat, grumpy scarey old bloke was not in the mood for questions as it was 2.23pm and they closed at 2.30pm & he wouldn’t take a card had to be cash so l run to the nearest ATM, as the last procedure was collection of my stamped passport & wasn’t  leaving without it, got back as the security guy was turning people away and locking the door he must have seen the horrified look on my face felt sorry for me & let me in.  I left  2 1/2 hrs later with passport in hand and will now investigate the mystery 10000 rp Govt  tax.