I have decided l am going to explore Sri Lanka & treat myself to a weekend away each month even though it wasn’t factored into my budget l will eat dry biscuits and water so l can enjoy the luxury Vavunyia doesn’t offer & this weekend l got my 3 prerequisites: A/C, pool, hot water & and the added bonus of a TV, l haven’t watched one since January so l stayed up till 1am watching the crappiest si fi movie ever and had 4 HOT showers in 2 days, even though l complain about the humidity & heat here a cold shower at 7am is not pleasant. Kandy is a beautiful City with a huge mix of Culture & Religion: Muslim, Buddhist & Christians, so there was so much to cram into an overnight trip. It was a 5hr bus ride but well worth the efffort. There is a huge Lake in the centre of town and my Hotel was overlooking it so great views as well as luxury, l woke up thinking  l was in Crown Towers (in my dreams) The bus trip home was funny, l decided to sit behind the driver for extra leg room, not realizing until a Buddist Monk appeared and the driver got angry with another lady for not telling me that l was sitting in the seats reserved for the  “Clergy” there was a sign on the window which l failed to see, I offerred to move but he had already found a seat across the aisle, it was very embarrassing  when passengers got on as it was clear that the man in the bright orange robes was on the wrong side of the aisle and me the disrespectful tourist had stolen his seat. l redeemed myself at the next stop when a little Nun got on and l moved across so she had the seat for the “Clergy”. The driver was a mainiac and as Kandy is in the Hill country the descent down the mountain was scarey & l think my English has deteriorated since l’ve been away as l’m sure the sign we just passed said “Slow down dangerous corners” but his interpretation was  drive as fast as possible, cross double lines and drive on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic & hope they get out of the way.  l was glad we had 2 members of the Clergy on board to administer the last rites to the 60 passengers on board. The bus was overcrowded, with men hanging out of the doors and the driver kept stopping to collect more on the way, l was getting stressed when the Nun assured me it would be OK so once again, me the crabby Aussie tourist was the only one concerned and as much as l try l can’t adopt the Sri Lankan way of thinking “don’t worry God will take care of it” Even though l have had some wierd experiences on my Train & Bus travel its the best way to see the countryside. We stopped for roadworks & pulled up outside a typical little Sri Lankan cottage, concrete & painted bright pink, neat and well maintained with the Mum out the front sweeping & the kids playing in the garden, there was a sign above the door painted bright green saying “I love my home” which is typical of the Sri Lankan way of life she was so proud of her little family home no matter how big or small, makes us think about what’s important in life, always wanting to  get bigger & better possessions. Anyway will hop off my soapbox now … Love from Mother Teresa xxx