The local fish seller man on the side of the road must have watched the Sri Lankan version of “The Inventors” last night as when l went past this morning he had a mosquito net (the one you hang over the bed with lace to protect you from mozzies complete with the ring) draped over his fish… modern technology no more swatting with a branch full of leaves all day. Today we celebrated the 4th birthday of a boy who lives in Switzerland, when he was only a few months old when his parents were killed in the war and he was adopted by a Swiss couple. The Aid Agency who facilitated it are based in Sri Lanka and the CEO of the company arrived with Birthday cake, party food, chilly snacks and the kids were so excited even though they had no idea what was being celebrated. The parents had sent over a substantial amount of money as a “Thank-you” for their baby boy and wanted the children of Orhan to share in the occasion, lots of photos and once again every person of importance with a camera wanted their photo taken with me…sometimes it’s like being at the zoo and finding a rare animal, but l am  not an animal l’m a human being (stolen from the movie Mask) who just happens to be white !!!