Was l shocked to find out Easter is not a holiday or celebrated in Sri Lanka. With so many religions & Poya full moon holiday once a month there would be constant holidays, but if your religion has a significant special celebration time you can have the day off so guess who went to Good Friday mass today.. Aunty Pat would be proud. It was such a experience, l have never seen so many Catholics since the Pope came to Melbourne in the 70’s & said mass at the MCG, the whole of St. Gerards attended. I know l tend to exaggerate but there would have been 1,000 people and l have photos to prove it, l kept thinking the it would take 4 hours to give out communion. Seats were limited and thank God the isle was wide as woman & children were sitting on the floor and men were standing at the back and outside in the street. I didn’t understand a word so just followed everyone  sit, stand & kneel constantly l struggled to keep up and twice l was staring out the window at the hundreds on the lawn,  looked up and had missed a sitting and was the only whitey standing in a sea of black, didn’t stand out much.. very embarrassing. There was a huge commotion when everyone started lining up in rows in the isles, thought this was a good time to exit as my thongs were outside a door & once it finished l would get trampled. Went along the outside past the alter & there was no communion, people were kneeling down in front of a statue of Jesus to kiss his feet… I had a chuckle it was like the blockbuster Anzac Day match Bombers v Magpies at the MCG with all the crowd lining up to kiss  James Hird’s feet, it was a bazaar experience and when l left there were stallholders outside the church selling toys & food, reminded me of the Dandenong show !!  Anyway think of me on Sunday having a chocolateless & eggless day.