Waste disposal:  There is a building in town dedicated to Green Energy Environment, coming from a country who’s only form of waste disposal is burning all rubbish either by the side of the road or in big incinerator in the front yard, everything from plastic bottles & given the only safe way to drink water is bottled there a hundreds of them, garden waste & leaves, polystyrene containers plastic bags ,the checkout chicks at the supermarket “double bag” everything for easy carrying, when l first produced my purple reusable shopping bag before l knew it they had put the groceries in plastics bags inside the reusable one so now l make it clear l don’t want plastic but not sure my little contribution makes any difference,  there is not much food waste as the feral wild dogs scavange out any food from bins & even the incinerator. When the daily burning off occurs you need a gas mask the air is so toxic.  Today on my way to school there was a fish stand on the side of the road with all the filleted & whole fish laid out on a big plastic tarp & no ice or refrigeration and it was 40 dg at 7am, there was a guy holding a huge tree branch with leaves who’s job was the swat the flies away. On the journey home they were still there & he was swatting flies but half the produce had been sold, then l felt sick in the guts as last night l had curried seafood noodles and as much as l’ve promised myself never to think where the food has come from l couldnt help myself and the image of that fly blown dried out fish was too much & all l could stomach for dinner was toast.  Posting a parcel is a huge event with a 4 step procedure. First counter to buy the post pack bag & before putting my parcel in the bag they used a huge bread  knife to slit the wrapping paper to check the contents then wrapped it back up, next counter to have it weighed, next the lady who manually prices it stamping a piece of paper with the cost then slicing it off with a ruler. Next l was instructed to go to the desk and glue the sticker on my parcel, the glue was in a cut off water bottle with an icy pole stick to apply the green home made adhesive, even the stamps they were selling had to be glued on by the same procedure. There is a huge market here for self adhesive. Then finally l got to hand my parcel in for postage to the next counter (that was really 5 steps)At least it’s keeping 5 people employed on wages not even enough to feed a cat. Another thing l find amusing is the signage and titles Government workers have, an example l saw  “Assistant director to the General president of the hospital foundation” but l will take more photos to highlight this. Even at school there are so many office staff, they have exercise books covered in pretty wrapping paper then plastic & labelled  and ruled with columns & headings: Incoming faxes Outgoing faxes/ Incoming letters etc. All staff have to sign in & out daily & the book is in the Presidents office, if you are late more than 4 days in a month your name goes in the “Red tick ” book & your leave is deducted by half a day. Can you imagine if that went on in Australia there would be constant strikes. Now l have finished bagging all the systems in Sri Lanka l will sign off.