Well what with weekend away & birthday celebrations, l have been busy. Friday night lying in bed l got thinking about my birthday on Monday and decided all l wanted was 3 things: hot shower, swimming pool & air conditioning so the next morning packed my Rat chewed good Kathmandu back pack & headed by bus to a town only 1 hour down south, which has a huge Buddhist community, not even attempting to spell it, starts with “A” and has about 20 letters. The cheapest resort style accommodation was $300 night so had to lower my standards and opted for a nice guesthouse which was $55, it wasn’t 5 star but catered for my 3 needs, even had a view of a lake where l saw a group of Buddhist monks strip off their orange robes, wash themselves & robes in the lake, but they had to get out of the water to hang their robes on a tree to dry, by the time l ran inside to get my camera they were back in the water but managed to get a shot, pretending to take a shot of the mountains in the distance. I had the pool to myself Saturday, relaxing & lying on a lounge reading which was lucky as when l was doing laps my left breast popped out of the side of my bathers (l knew it was a mistake buying cheap 20 buck bathers from Big W before l left) I’m sure the old guy sweeping leaves got a good look.  Sunday l went to a few famous temples & Buddhist Monastery, wasn’t game to swim again as there was a traditional Sri Lankan wedding on in the afternoon with hundreds of guests so that was the end of my weekend, Monday was a bit of uneventful except for a beautiful cake & all the lovely messages from family & friends which made my day and not even a sip of champagne passed my lips !!!!