Had a very funny day today with miscommunication. Firstly when the cook at school presented my lunch & explained what each dish  was, l was intrigued about the “poompunkeena”  there are some vegetables in Sri Lanka  that we don’t have – Bringella a funny looking purple zucchini,  so thought the poompunkeena was another one, as soon as l ate the curried vegie dish l realized it was pumpkin, so we all had a laugh at her expense. Tonight when l was ordering dinner the guy asked me what the weather was like in Australia & l replied “very hot” it wasn’t until l heard him say to the guy making the stuffed roti’s “extra chili”  that he wasn’t asking about the weather in Oz but the amount of chili & usually when l ask for “little” chili it burns the bejesus out of my mouth so thank God l heard him in time otherwise might have had another trip to the dreaded doctor.