I am keeping my blogs shorter as last night l typed for an hour with both Woman’s day & Sports & it went missing. What an epic journey this was, left school at 12 noon for a 7 hr bus trip. With 20 enthusiastic athletes on board and me seated next to a girl who has only a few words and 2 of them were teacher, teacher & look look followed by a manic laugh, she also insisted on holding my hand with her sweaty one even when  tried to sleep but kept being woken by her poking me saying teacher teacher look look, it sounds cute but she is 15 and with no air con & 40 dg heat l was getting cranky. The speaker was above my head blaring with punjabi music & the kids were dancing up a storm in the aisles and the BO level was rising and the smell was disgusting my only relief was to apply my expensive “Mor” red lychee hand cream & sniff my palms. We stopped for lunch & there was a crocodile on the side of the road l got my camera out but it was under a tree where the boys were weeing, not wanting to seem creepy decided against it & missed a great photo opportunity. We finally arrived at the temple at 10pm after the driver got lost & we had to eat dinner on the bus, which was a parcel of rice & curry in a freezer bag wrapped in newspaper, not wanting to cause a scene l followed trying not thinking about what it was or where it came from, washing my right hand then shovelling handfuls of rice & stuff into my mouth, l had more food on my seat than my stomach but think that was a good thing. Arriving at the temple & setting up our beds l found l was the only one who had a pillow everyone else including the teachers had the bare essentials and used their bag as a pillow with only a sheet and we slept on the concrete floor, by time the kids got to sleep at midnight & with a big day ahead we were woken at 4.30am to prepare we had to leave at 7am as the first race was 9am ???? The day went well with the girls taking out medals in shotput & boys in running. They were fed well and given energy drinks & water all day, it was 40 dgs. It was the disabled Interschool sports The Rotary Club of Colombo sponsored the day & the kids all received a cap and Tshirt they were so excited. The last race finished at 4.30pm but we had to wait till the presentations, speehes & formalities were over so in darkness we boarded the bus at 7.30 pm, once again l was the only one stressing about the time factor !! The trip home was a quiet one as the kids were exhausted and this time l sat next to my favourite little one, she fell asleep on me and when l looked down saw some little “friends” jumping around in her hair, lucky we both had ponytails & l had the added bonus of a hat. We arrived back at school at 2am, the kids had been up since 4.30am and not once did l hear any of them whinge or complain about being hot/tired or thirsty they were just happy. These kids are so resilient, l remember when Grace was little and we used to stress about the 4 hour trip to Beechworth !!! Once again another event l could write about forever, there are so many stories about the kids that would amaze everyone.