I was too traumatized to report anything yesterday as when l got home l found Mr Rat had eaten through a book which l used to plug up the hole in the wall he was entering. l didn’t know rats had such strong teeth, he had chewed through 2 plastic container lids to access my Tbags & sugar, l also found rat poo under my toaster and everywhere else l looked, so after washing & disinfecting everything l was delerious & felt sick. I learnt something new today, l walked into the principals office and the teachers were celebrating what l thought was a little girl’s birthday she looked about 10, to my horror they were celebrating the fact she was a real girl now !!!! she had got her period for the first time and l was to learn they actually have a big party to celebrate, probably similar to a Bar mitzvah, but tell me any woman out there who thinks a period is something to celebrate.. they were truly excited for her , people were going up to her during the day and squeezing her cheeks as if she should be proud of herself. Then l picked up on what a teacher said, something like now she needs to be “watched” well she will have to be “watched” for a very long time as sex is forbidden until marriage. l would put a photo of her up but may be a confidentiality issue she is gorgeous and wears a “bindi” on her forehead & also has Downs Syndrome, it’s easy to see why she is my favorite girl. I am in for a big few days, tomorrow – International Womans Day, big day in town with the girls dancing their Bollywood welcome dance, big preparations underway, beautiful red satin costumes being made on an old foot pedal machine (l’m so glad l confessed l really couldn’t sew, was just joking) The weekend is the yearly sports carnival in Colombo staying overnight in a Temple, don’t know what to expect but will report back on Monday.