On reflection l am glad yesterdays blog disappeared as it was a huge whinge fest about the animal life here… from the resident rat l found in my food cupboard who had chomped his way through all my food, to the ants who invaded my water jugs, which l transfer from the huge water bottle l pay good money for, compared to other items as the water co. has a monopoly knowing the water is unsafe to drink and speaking of water l did mention l had no water for a shower yesterday morning so had to use the ant water, boil the jug & have a “bucket” wash before work. Then there was also the fact l have been eaten alive by mozzies my legs & ankles look a bad case of leprosy, funny how mozzies don’t like brown skin only white as the locals don’t believe mosquitos could cause such damage. Now that’s taken care of l will report on the good stuff.  l had a very satisfying experience with a vision impaired boy (not bucket head) for 2 weeks l have been constantly bouncing a basketball to him, catching & throwing and today he did it all by himself  & the look on his face was pure joy, he happily bounced & caught the ball for 5 mins. The teachers do a great job but with the resources & education they have & given there are 50 students to look after the chance to give one on one therapy is impossible. At times it feels like a child minding centre, then l remind myself the alternative is to be stuck in a corner at home with parents (if they have them) not knowing what to do, at least they are fed a hearty meal of rice for lunch & warm milk every second day and provided with a uniform which means most of the time they’re clean & some even have a hankie pinned to their uniform to wipe dribbles & noses. The teachers check their nails, hair & teeth regularly and they are happiest when given attention. l taught a group of kids “Five little ducks” and given they have very little English they picked it up quickly & now walk past me using their hand like a ducks bill singing “quack quack quack” another thing they are good at is when l arrive in the morning saying “good morning teacher” & shaking my hand, it’s stuff like this that make the rat poo, ants & mozzies worthwhile.