My last post seems like decades ago, after many attempts to upload stories l gave up, but today seems much better. My train trip to Colombo on Friday night was uneventful and suprisingly arrived on time, stayed the night in the YWCA Youth Hostel and without going into detail all l will say is Trip Advisor will be recieving a nasty rating  now l am back in cyberspace. The early train down South along the coastline was beautiful, with the train virtually following the beaches all the way. I visited the Bride & Groom on Sat at the beach and had a lovely afternoon relaxing on a sunbed, the first time my legs had hit the sun since l arrived, as Mirissa is a holiday destination & not like the traditional (prudish) isolated part of the country l come from, where skin is offensive. Jo & l sipped cocktails & after my “forced” Feb fast  (drinking is frowned upon in Vaunyia) l had a lovely day, after not wating to “intrude” on the newlyweds l did stay for dinner.. poor Cammo had been sick (toileting issues) for 3 days and wasn’t up to much anyway so he drank ginger beer while we had Pina Coladas but don’t think there was going to be much honeymoon action. The trip home was crowded as it was a public holiday for “Poya” full moon day, Lonely Planet warns travellers on train travel on these days and it’s quite likely you may get “plonked” with a child on your lap.. Well l had the Goldilocks experience, a family Mum,Dad & 3 little kids didn’t have a seat so l offered to nurse the baby (7mths) but he was too hungry, cried and wanted mummy’s booby, tried the girl (3yrs) but she was too scared and cried, finally the boy (5yrs) was happy to sit on my knee as l bribed him with lollies. Amazingly again the train was only half an hour late. Will report on some school stuff tomorrow depending on internet speed