Today was a cultural experience l have never heard of before. One of the teacher’s mother died 2 years ago and the anniversary was today and as a remembrance each member of the family cooks up a feast for their friends it was huge there were massive pots full of every curry you could imagine she fed all the students, office staff, teachers and any old man passing the school gates. Thank God Ruth wasn’t a Hindu as her anniversary is in April & we would have to supply the whole of Beechworth with curry !!!! I have been watching a boy for a few weeks, he is clearly depressed, sits by himself and hardly talks & has sadness in his eyes, so today l asked a teacher why he looked so sad as they would have no idea of depression, she told me all his family were killed in the war and he was an orphan then proceded to give me the history of which children were affected by the war & had no family and live in a local hostel. My heart nearly broke when she told me my “favourite” boy Bubby had no family he is the most adorable child & loves me, following me around hugging my legs and if other kids try to talk to me he tells them to move (in the fastest sign language l have ever seen) If l am going to adopt him l need to improve my signing. He is cheeky, naughty & funny always happy & smiling, today was the most confronting day l have experienced but l was prepared for this and know in general the children are happy.