I promised l would not complain about the Transport system, but just have 2 points to make  1) Cockroach running over foot in train  2) ETA in Vavunyia approx. 10.30pm actual arrival 2am  Train stopped in middle of nowhere in pitch black darkness as light in train went off of course again being the only foreigner on the train was the only person concerned so have adopted the Sri Lankan culture to keep calm & just accept whatever happens as it’s God’s will and worrying will not fix it !!  Luckily the next day at school was fantastic experience so life was back on track. I was asked by a teacher to cut out cardboard fish and put staples all over them not knowing the reason it soon became clear after they pulled branches off a tree, tied a piece of string & attached a magnet to it.. this was their version of the fishing game. We in Australia would have gone to Kmart bought the shiny new plastic John Sands version. We made 3 sets so the remaining 37  kids waited patiently in line for their turn, with no complaints about who’s turn it was next, they were cheering & clapping in excitement for their friends the look on their faces was priceless and was a memory l will keep forever.