Tonight l went to Chandra’s fiances family for a beautiful traditional meal of string hoppers beef curry, vegetable curry and lots of other yummy dishes it was a little on the hot side but couldn’t offend them because her mum cut back on the chilli just for me so l ate it and smiled, l’m sure their mouths are made of iron.. maybe this will be my first experience of the burning ring of fire. Sometimes l wonder why the young people here don’t rebel against their parents, the girls in the family have to live at home til they marry even though they are engaged to be married in August they must have a chaperone if they want to see each other. When we went to Negombo beach she had to get special permission from her parents, they just accept it, even though she is about 25 and they didn’t even stay the night it was just a day trip, surprising there are no unmarried mothers in Sri Lanka ?? If  this was the case in Australia Centrelink would close down.  Goodnight & God bless xxxx