Preparations started the night before, downloading the Kieth Urban CD with my itunes voucher (thnks to Marie,Dor&Sarah) to listen to on the way, then planned to charge my iphone at school for the journey not factoring in that due to the rain there might be a power blackout so my phone went dead, sorry Keith you will have to wait for the return journey. Got off to a good start with a woman standing over me speaking in Tamil, when the only word l recognised was “backside” l knew l was in trouble, loosley translated she was angrily telling me to get out of her seat.. how was l to know the seat numbers are on the rear of your seat so l swiftly moved.. what a mistake, the food tray was broken & stayed in the down position the whole journey. Then the only fat man in Sri Lanka sat next to me, there l was squashed up against the window & backpack under my feet with the tray jammed down, he decided the armrest was his & fell asleep while l was like a little knotted contortionist unable to open my backpack, my idea of a quiet trip listening to Keith reading my lonely planet guide to track where we were headed had all turned to s@#t, the book & food were in my pack. After 3 hours l woke him as l thought the pins & needles in my legs were turning in Deep vein thrombosis, l moved to an empty seat and finished the journey in comfort.. there was one plus, with my face squashed up against the window l was able to take in the beautiful scenery and a few “odd” events… an old lady about 105 walking beside the train in the middle of nowhere with a huge bull on a rope talking on her mobile phone, everyone in Sri Lanka has a mobile even old ladies. l also saw a Sri Lankan scarecrow with motorbike helmet & a ladies nightie on further down the track a tiny house with thatched roof and huge sattelite dish attached. l am in Columbo overnight to renew my visa so hope l have an uneventful journey back so l don’t have to bore you with details of the trip home.. Much love Christine

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