Well it’s 2 weeks today and l’m still not homesick, is that wrong ??? Although l do miss my baby but we skype or viber nearly every day and haven’t had a cross word yet so l reckon that’s good.
Saturday is a school day till 1.30 for staff only ..no students, they do “field visits” wasn’t sure what to expect, some teachers travelled by motorbikes others (me) walked down a dirt track to the family home of one of the students, he had a complicated home life but from what l gathered he was living with his Aunt & Uncle & was becoming aggressive, the “Aunt” looked about 20 and was gorgeous.
Their home was very sparce but homely and she was very proud of it welcoming us with cups of tea. Family life in Sri Lanka is very important and in most homes there are 3 generations living happily together. One of the teachers husband is a local Tailor as l needed to get some more appropriate clothing one of the young teachers put a pin in a top l had on and there was not even a hint of cleavage not even a crack, the next day one of the teenage boys pointed to my top button signing to do it up & l even had a singlet top underneath, they probably thought it was an “undergarment” as Harvey would say.God help any of them if they attended the Melbourne Spring carnival races with all the young girls with their breasts hanging out. So off the the Tailor l went on the back of her motorbike… l declared l would never ride on one again but l checked with my insurance co. and am covered if an unfortunate accident occurred with a huge bull, also the road to her shop was bitumen unlike the 5kms to school which is dirt & potholes the size of a baby elephant !!! l also thought it was rude not to accept her offer. l will now present to school looking like a traditional Sri Lankan “lady” buttoned up to the neck. So thats me after 2 weeks, but as long as l’m here there are 4 things l will never get used to:
1) Mosquitos 2) Cold showers at 7am 3) Men “hoiking” to clear thier nose & throat
4) Monkeys waking me on my only day off jumping & playing on my roof sounding like elphants
Love Srilankachris xxxx