Thursday 7th Feb…Hi everyone this is a combination of 2 days as Mr. Blog decided to delete yesterdays entry. Well the Sri Lanka heat has kicked in and school sports coupled with sweaty kids & a few pubescent boy has made for a few smelly days. We had shotput, volleyball & running races.. all barefoot on dirt & stones God these kids are tough !!!  A girl with CP tripped, skidded, grazed her arms, the first aid bag came out & after a “potion” was rubbed on the blood l checked the bottle and found it was Cologne – ouch. It was amazing, the kids had so much guts & determination everyone participated including a little boy with a club foot, another who walks on his toes, a boy in an old wheelchair who has Downs Syndrome.. the list goes on like that .  l have had 2 scary motorbike rides home from school, a female teacher half my bodyweight dunk me & l tried to distribute my weight evenly which was very difficult  then we rounded a corner and a big bull casually walked in front of us.. she slammed on the brakes there was no way we were gunna hit it as they are sacred l nearly fell on top of her, as l  tried to reposition myself  but she took off with my halfa a bum cheek hanging over the seat just as well l had brown pants on. Given that a tuk tuk for the 5kms is the cost of half a latte’ l refuse to get on another motorbike.. My money conversion is based on the latte’ theory – l purchased a toaster & electric jug for my room, the total was a weeks worth of latte’s