My first day at school today was awesome, l had so much fun with the kids they were welcoming, funny,happy and sometimes aggressive – a few of the cheeky boys thought it was fun to “smash & slap” each other around the head at first l was horrified then l realized this was a regular occurrence as the teachers only intervened when things got out of control. After the lessons which were held in a hall sitting on concrete floors,they had music & dance a few of the girls were bustin the Bollywood moves and l’m sure we will see one of them on a cheap subtitled DVD soon. Lunch was organized chaos they put plastic sheets on the floor and fed them from a massive tub scooping rice into metal bowls which the kids proceeded to shove into their mouth by the handfull (it is common practice to eat with your hands even the adults do it in restaurants) most went back for seconds.They were keen to speak English and made me laugh when they tried to copy me with a funny bogan accent which is probably how l sound. The singing session was hillarious they sang a song about bananas, repeated bits & did actions it went a bit like this: pick a banana off the tree, peel it, eat it mmm now l full (rubbing tummy) then bent over as if they were on the toilet and sang then push it out !!! they were laughing & knew it was naughty, l was in stitches.
So that was the end of day 1
Love Christine xxxx