Sunday 3rd Feb – I spent nearly 5 hours in Church this morning and what an experience.

I was not informed that being the first Sunday of the month you had to wear a white Sari/costume with a white head scarf or “Mantilla” all you good Catholic St. Gerards girls should remember them. As if l didn’t stand out anyway with my red hair and albino skin, l thought of taking my clothes off so l was in white but decided l could be arrested and the whole congregation was staring at me anyway as l was made to sit in the front row so the Minister could welcome me – how embarrasing, dont know what he said as he was talking in Tamil but everyone was smiling at me as if l was an angel sent from God. All jokes aside it was a very emotional experience, an old lady next to me who was trying to translate the sermon,  gave up went home & got me an English bible so l could follow it. The Sri Lankans sure do take their religion seriously a few people had tears streaming down their face, even some teenage girls, it was like the Harlem Gospel choir for free and l found myself lifting my arms up to the sky singing “Hallelujah” (had to look up Jeff Buckley on itunes for that spelling) finally when the service ended the congregation surrounded me to shake my lilly white hands, l felt like an Aussie version of Mother Teresa. I have seen the light and think l will become a born again Christian.. God bless & goodnight