Well have l hit the ground with a thundering slap, after leaving the luxury of The Hilton & beautiful beach at Negombo, my train left the station at 4.30pm for what was to be a 6 hour journey to arrive in Vavunyia  around 11pm after travelling one hour the train came to a massive jolt men,woman & children were jumping off the train and rolling down the hill with luggage having no idea what was happening with 100’s of local villagers crowding around, for a minute l thought it was a terrorist attack but luckily l had my trusty companion Candru to inform me Sri Lankan people were like “ducks” which l presumed was what we call sheep so we stayed put until we were informed the tracks were “broken” and we had to return to Columbo, the train was then “shunted” by a huge engine without any warning and we headed back to Columbo with no futher explanation or help given. Chandru organized a bus to take us to Vavunyia along with the only other “white” people l know that’s not politically correct but don’t know how to explain a Swiss couple with a little baby are they westerners? we paid extra for AC (this is a term used here often as airconditioning is essential) alas the “AC”was broken it was 124 deg and that coupled with a bus loaded sweaty people made for a very uncomfortable night.  Sri Lankan people are so gentle & calm & throughout the whole journey,  not one person complained or got angry even when the driver continually stopped on the side of the road for at least 5mins for no reason. The other thing that amazes me is there is no “Road Rage” if the bus driver wanted to overtake he drives on the wrong side of the road and oncoming traffic just pull over, in our country there would be stabbings. So finally we arrived at our destination 12 hours later at 4.30am with no complaints from any passengers except me (silently) after my 5 days of luxury l arrived at my “guest house” OMG  what a contrast but thats a whole new story for another day. Ps if anyone makes a FB comment don’t sign off with xxx as Chandru asked what that meant because in his country it means.. how do you say pornographics it was hard to explain in our country it means love. Cheers Christine’