Well my adventure got off to an interesting start..my luggage (surprise) was over weight & after being advised the excess would be $150 Kate and l began to “cull” with Kate questioning why l needed 10 cans deodorant.. well they were mini &freebies ) massive bottles of shampoo & conditioner then l reminded her l wasn’t going to Phillip Island for a weekend but needed supplies for 12 mths we also left out half the cricket caps.. poor little Sri Lanakan weeins will be sad. After reassembling my luggage finally tipped the scales at a massive 29.9 kgs with 100 grams to spare !!! The flight over was uneventful except for the body odor of a fellow passenger, how l wished l’d kept that deodorant. l was collected at the airport by a friendly driver and l soon realized that in Sri Lanka in pitch  darkness instead of indicating to overtake it is common practice to turn your headlights off and honk your horn. This was my first attempt at my blog so wont be so boring next time & might even work out how to add a few phots to make it interesting. aayu-bowan Christine (for those of you not familiar whith the Sri Lankan Language thats goodbye)